ePower Transaction

Terms of the Transaction

Following the completion of the Transaction, Minera Alamos is projected to own 19.8% of the outstanding common shares of ePower (the “ePower Shares”).  In addition, the Company will maintain the following rights:

  • Should ePower fail to complete any of the remaining Los Reyes option payments all rights to acquire Los Reyes will revert to Minera Alamos;
  • Minera Alamos will have the right to appoint one director to the board of directors of ePower for so long as Minera Alamos holds at least 5% of the outstanding ePower Shares; and
  • Minera Alamos will be entitled to a right of first refusal in the event ePower should at any time seek to raise financing to develop Los Reyes by way of the sale or grant of a royalty or stream.

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